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What is Sell-Your-SaaS?

Sell-Your-SaaS is an Open Source project that was born out of the need to provide, in real-time, Web application instances to end users for immediate use with the following requirements:

  • Ability to manage a remarkably high number of instances and users.

  • Exceptionally low cost per instance.

  • Real-time deployment.

  • Offer full and private access to the proposed application, including administration, without restricting any functionality or configuration.

  • Option to offer an open SaaS with SSH, SFTP access and direct database access to users.

  • Multilingual support.

Following the deployment of Version 1 and at the request of users to perpetuate their instance via a subscription, the platform evolved to add other objectives:

  • Considering the subscription to the application offered in the form of paid subscriptions.

  • Dedicated customer area for managing invoices, accounts, and support.

  • 100% automated system (from signup to termination of every subscription through the delivery of the service, backups, supervision, and accounting without any human intervention).

  • Flexibility in the subscription model (frequency, prices, additional service, options etc.)

  • Compatible with (or at least adaptable to) any web application.

  • Management of a reseller network.

  • Available under an Open Source license.

Funded by the Open Source companies DoliCloud and TecLib, Sell-Your-SaaS V2 has achieved these objectives and is now in production for several companies offering SaaS services (DoliCloud, NovaFirstCloud, GLPI-Network, DoliOnDemand...). Here is a summary of its capabilities:

  • Deployment of any WAMP application. Management of multiple solutions/ different applications at the same time.

  • Free distribution of trials without requesting confidential information or credit card numbers.

  • Distribution of paid instances at different levels of pricing.

  • Ready-to-use showcase website (optional) to sell your application.

  • Dedicated customer area (invoicing, tickets, customer account etc.).

  • Pre-wired for supervision via DataDog.

  • Pre-wired for performance analysis and conversion tracking via Web Analytics Statistics tools.

  • Payment by credit card via Stripe, SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) compliant.

  • Payment by SEPA direct debit (but no direct interface to submit SEPA files to the bank).

  • Anti-abuse systems for applications.

  • Instance subscription quota systems.

  • Tools facilitating maintenance, customer support and application updates.

  • Management of a reseller network. Dedicated reseller area (invoicing, customer account etc.).

  • Monthly cost of infrastructure per instance <30 cents (Cost observed by the DoliCloud sales department, providing critical applications like Dolibarr ERP CRM).

  • And so much more!

The project has been available as a community project since 2020 on GitHub:


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